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As You Wish Frozen Yogurt

1205 Solano Avenue, Albany

This project could be titled: How to Open a Yogurt Shop in 90 Days with a Dime and a Shoestring. The artistic husband and wife team had a limited budget and tight timetable with which to transform an underpowered, plumbing-free, former print shop, into a safe and cozy, gourmet, self-serve yogurt parlor. 


Johnson Lyman Architects

We worked with the existing infrastructure of the building to solve major electrical challenges, upgraded the shop for safety and performance, and opened on schedule.  In different circumstances, three large, heat-producing frozen yogurt machines might have been concealed behind an ornamental wall, but due to the very limited space available—imagine a space heater in a closet—we had to improvise. We devised a super ventilation solution for a 4800cfm fan to vent through the roof. Then, instead of hiding the machines, we addressed heat, function, and aesthetic, by building a unique, hinged wall with three individual access panels (for daily maintenance and cleaning) and put the frozen yogurt machines on display.  We collaborated with the Alameda County Health Department to find acceptable finishes to meet required codes and standards without compromising the Owners’ artistic vision. In addition, we installed a new 7’ by 8’ custom steel door, cool multicolored walls, and all new lighting. As a final touch, we built a custom POS station, integrating a refrigerated unit for cold toppings, and a special buffet for room-temperature delights.

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