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Kitchens & Bathrooms

Clove & Hoof

4001 Broadway, Oakland

Clove & Hoof is a 24-seat dine in/takeout  restaurant and butchery devoted to using whole-animals which have been sustainably raised and humanely slaughtered, as part of a seasonal menu that fits right in with the local sensibility of this up-and-coming food hotspot, in the Broadway and 40th Street corridor, which also includes Hog’s Apothecary, Homeroom, and Café Underwood. Clove & Hoof was recently featured along with Black Creek Builders in KQED’s local food blog, Bay Area Bites.


Lowney Architecture

For this all-inclusive restaurant buildout we started with an empty shell. Owners Analiesa Gosnell and John Blevins knew they wanted a nice big kitchen, a walk-in, and a retro feel, but they didn’t have an exact vision in mind for the design of the space, so Black Creek stepped in to help guide the process and offer options both elegant and budget friendly. For example, we dug beneath the existing floor to discover a restorable-to-gorgeous wooden subfloor that adds style to the finished space. As with most restaurant buildouts, we constructed walls, built a new kitchen and bathrooms, laid plumbing, installed electrical and mechanical, fixtures, finishes and shiny new restaurant equipment.

Check out our time-lapse video of the construction process!




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