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Little Giant Ice Cream

1951 Telegraph Ave, Oakland

Little Giant is an Oakland ice cream dream, with an old-timey vintage feel, updated with robots to go with uniquely modern flavors. Whereas most ice cream shops buy and flavor an ice cream base made by others, co-owners Kevin Best and Neil Rideout process and pasteurize their own dairy, to make authentic, original ice creams from scratch right on site. Lucky customers can glimpse the magic in action through large windows surrounding the production facility. They also make fresh waffle cones and sauces in-house in their commercial kitchen.


Medium Plenty


MK Engineers, Inc.

Working with dairy involves large-scale equipment and special requirements to meet strict health codes enforced by County and State Health Departments. There are extensive rules regarding floor drains, floor-to-ceiling scrubable surfaces, and distinctive door sealing procedures to allow the facility to be hosed down without flooding. Located on the ground floor of a multi-story condo building, the project necessitated special mechanical venting considerations. To accommodate the large power needs for high-voltage commercial equipment and lighting, Black Creek installed a dry transformer. In addition, the post-tension concrete ceiling required multiple x-rays for structural precision and accuracy.

Check out this timelapse video of the construction! 



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