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Kitchens & Bathrooms

Peralta Avenue, Berkeley

This Berkeley Craftsman home was the recipient of a true makeover. We built a new addition, a fully custom kitchen and bathroom, and installed all new plumbing and electrical systems.


David Finn Architects

Like us, our client is extremely detail-oriented, with a taste for quality, impeccable standards, and a desire for home efficiency. Our job was to execute with precision and imaginative problem-solving from foundation to finish. We constructed the kitchen, designed by David Finn Architects, around a beloved one hundred-year-old Wedgwood stove. In order to meet the tight clearance requirements for the antique appliance (and accommodate a future desire to clean behind the stove) we fabricated a unique system of movability and installed a custom backsplash.  Another aspect of the project included hand-matching and interweaving new and existing hardwood flooring for a seamless high-level finish. Ultimately, the success of this project involved finesse, close attention to detail, and a light touch.

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