Black Creek Builders

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Custom Fabrication

Actual Café

6334 San Pablo Ave, Oakland

Sal Bednarz had a vision. He wanted to revive his neighborhood by turning the long-abandoned bait and tackle shop on the corner of San Pablo and Alcatraz into a bustling café, a place for community and connection. His inspiration included a love of bicycles, art, and sustainable living.  


Tomas Frank

Black Creek Builders helped Sal realize his dream by transforming the raw space. We installed a custom kitchen, countertops and cabinetry, ran plumbing and electrical, and built custom racks for unique indoor bicycle parking. We reused old wooden materials to build tables and countertops, and repurposed a funky old urinal as a window box. We collaborated on design elements like communal seating and hung a magnetic bulletin board for customers to share events and ideas. In an ongoing relationship, we continue to execute Sal’s vision as it evolves to include new ideas.

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