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Kitchens & Bathrooms

Shasta Rd, Berkeley Hills

For this residential project, we combined existing structural elements to liberate enclosed space, creating a feeling of openness, and providing visibility across the interior of the entire property – from the existing living room, through the newly remodeled kitchen, to the glorious new second-story deck.



Larson Shores Architecture


KPW Structural Engineers, Inc.

At Black Creek Builders, we love babies and pets!  For this job, we took extra care to limit the impact of construction on the homeowners’ newborn baby, two dogs, and two cats. For example, we sealed off the work area with plastic to minimize dust in the rest of the house, kept doors closed at all times, and swept up throughout the day to catch any loose nails or other potentially hazardous materials. 

For both the kitchen and the deck, we worked closely with the homeowners to supplement architectural plans down to the smallest detail—from the shape and size of the new redwood deck, to the color and design of window casings and jambs, to the vent covers for under-cabinet heating vents, and precision alignment of custom cabinetry. The homeowners chose a recycled polymer and metal-shaving composite for their kitchen countertops. While tricky to work with, it was ultimately both gorgeous (as you can see from the photos) and environmentally friendly.


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